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Hand Pinch Guard

DOOR PINCH GUARD is a practical and essential safety device designed to prevent accidental finger or hand injuries caused by closing doors. This product is specifically designed to fit on the edge of a door, creating a protective barrier between the door and the door frame.

Made from durable and flexible materials, the 1 DOOR PINCH GUARD is easy to install and remove as needed. It effectively cushions the impact of a closing door, reducing the risk of painful pinches or trapped fingers.

This door pinch guard is suitable for use in various settings, including homes, schools, daycare centers, and any place where doors are frequently used. It provides peace of mind for parents, caregivers, and anyone concerned about door-related accidents.

Ensure the safety of your loved ones and prevent unnecessary injuries with the reliable and convenient 1 DOOR PINCH GUARD. Its simple yet effective design makes it an essential addition to any door, promoting a safer environment for everyone.

Door Slide Stoppers

keep cabinets securely shut, suitable for use with any cabinets with most d-shape double handles and round-stern knobs,childproof essential to protect your baby. Eva door guard – help to prevent your child’s finger from getting caught in slamming doors. It can also help ensure children from being accidentally locked in a room.Helps to prevent pinched little fingers, attaches to any door in the home easy.

Finger Guard

These door guard protectors provide complete baby safety by preventing injuries of finger pinching which may happen due to opening or closing of the door or when it bangs due to wind or air. It also prevents the baby from accidentally getting locked out in the room.

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